Hello and welcome to my website!

 "BIBIGON" is a CFA registered Singapura cattery located in Moscow, Russia.

Animals have always been in my heart, but the 'cat part' of my soul has not been awakened until I saw a Singapura at a cat show in the USA in 2004.
I was almost confused thinking I was seeing a playful marmoset monkey!
I was hooked at once. Back then, I lived in California. I was lucky to meet Mette Mjanger, she blessed me with her beautiful Fagervoll Singapuras.
I will always be grateful to Mette for her trust, friendship and lots of good advice.
Singapuras are irresistible cute, charming and very affectionate, they never stop admiring me. I am lucky to have these rare treasures and I keep saying "They are the apple of my eyes".

I hope you will enjoy my site.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

E-mail: es@tt-c.us

Tel.: +7 968 973 06 73